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At MISTV, we have been offering our namesake Broadcast Management System (BMS) solution to the international market for over 25 years with great success. As is the case with many of such software solutions, newer programming languages outpace the older ones in efficiency and flexibility, calling for an upgrade. This was the case for developing MISTV Mira as well. The misTV software is still in operation and serviced, but being slowly phased out by our newer solution, for the sake of integrating new functionality and improving on lessons learned from close to three decades of development and implementation.

Problematic addressed:

Today’s market is full of specialized solutions for one need or other. Whether they are Broadcasting Management systems, Advertising sales or Rights management systems, they were conceived with the goal of being a specialized and efficient solution, in terms of computing power and data flow. The problem with this approach is that subsequent integration into an established workflow can be quite difficult without changing said workflow. Usually because of varying data standards, personnel training, or long-term support (LTS). Needless to say, most of these solutions have been designed during a time when computer languages were not as advanced as the ones we enjoy today. These are some of the reasons why the best of breed solutions are becoming obsolete or unmaintainable. Newer languages allow for efficient running of more complex programs, introducing the possibility for development of whole software suites (integrated solutions). These suites are conceived with convenience, efficiency, and workflow at their center. One such suite is the MISTV Mira. It has been developed to take the 25 years of industry experience and implement it in a solution that covers all needs a tv station has. From broadcast management to advertising sales, MIRA is a customizable station management system, designed to help you optimize your entire media enterprise, from one place.

MISTV®MIRA Station management system


Advertising sales: 

  • Multiplatform Inventory - TV, online, OTD
  • Pricelists, Coefficients, Discounts, Bonuses
  • Variable price modifications per client
  • Ratings, Campaigns fulfillment evaluation
  • CRM, Budgeting, Contracts, Invoicing

Broadcast scheduling: 

  • Daily plans, Playlist, As-run log
  • Breaks, Jingles and Secondary events
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Alternative schedules

Title and content library: 

  • Titles-Programs, Films, Series & Episodes
  • Title description and categorization
  • Metadata and MAM integration
  • Media management, Shipping
  • Clip versions, Formats, TCs and Breaks

Reporting & interfaces: 

  • Playout, Research, Finance and Production
  • RESTful API, FTP, DB views, XLS, XML, Printed
  • Server based scheduled jobs, DB links

Programme planning: 

  • Multi & cross channel/network planning
  • Linear and non-linear (VOD) broadcasting
  • Automated changes and series planning
  • Content-needs planning
  • Schedule cost analytics

Automatic booking: 

  • Advertising sales campaigns
  • ON-AIR self-promotion campaigns
  • Optimization of delivery and inventory use
  • Adjustable booking targets and conditions

Rights management: 

  • Acquired rights and Own production
  • License contracts and conditions
  • Runs, Costs, Amortizations, Impairments
  • Dubbing, Used music / Royalties

Self - promotion: 

  • Library and production requests
  • Scheduling rules and conditions
  • Promotion campaigns management
  • Promo inventory views and booking

Professional service:

  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Helpdesk, Ticketing system
  • Fast and flexible on demand development
  • User training and Consulting services

Concluding remarks:

Hopefully this document has been helpful in outlining the advantages of a broadcast and station management systems. As wholly integrated solutions, these toolsets should primarily be improving workflow of the station, reducing costs and maximizing revenue. Now that there are numerous generations of such software solutions, one can feel overwhelmed when facing the choice between the many available options. There are tv stations that use a mixture of solutions, depending on their individual needs, workflow and market specificities. This unfortunately often leads to incompatibilities, outdated versions and the need to train staff how to use products with different design philosophies.

That is why modern station and broadcast management systems should focus on providing all of these functionalities in one comprehensive solution. MISTV Mira is designed specifically for this scenario, as it offers integration with all the other essential parts of broadcasting environment. Along with this integration comes scalability and customizability, which is capable of servicing media markets that require large database handling and niche workflow adjustments. We firmly believe, that to run a station efficiently, one should have all the necessary tools to do so at their disposal within one fine-tuned suite.

This will be not only convenient for the end users, but will also automate majority of time intensive tasks, which would have to be done manually, reducing the margin for error in the process. As stated at the beginning of this document, in the media industry of today’s proportions, every frame can be extraordinarily profitable or expensive. Which is exactly the kind of process that benefits from advanced automation and seamless task execution linking that MISTV Mira offers. And with a well set up Automatic Booking feature, you can save significant amounts of labor on bookings in Programme planning and Advertising sales.

With this, we would like to thank all of the readers, our partners at Oracle, and especially our current clients for their feedback and support, which helped us to launch Mira as successfully as it did. Now being the software of choice for over 35 clients worldwide, with more than 1000 users, MISTV Mira is proving to be a strong competitor in the Station and Broadcast management systems market. If we caught your interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us through any of the means provided below.

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